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Grenada – by Karin Joan

Well lets get started I will tell you of our travels in a very weird order, so you have to pay close attention. I’m going to start in Grenada. In Grenada we arrived at three in the morning. I had the middle watch so I was awake, but actually it was during the last watch that we arrived …

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Trinidad Living -Part 2 – Food- by Karin (the Mom)

We spent a whopping 3 months in Trinidad! This was NOT planned and didn’t fit our supposed schedule very well. However…. it did give us ample time to try out all the yummy foodstuffs available in Trinidad. It was a very good thing that we left when we did, otherwise we might have been too …

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Trinidad Living (Part 1) – by Karin (the Mom)

To our South African minds, just the name Trinidad sounded exotic. At last we were going to enter the Carribean – that elusive body of blue–blue waters that the Beach Boys sing about. Well………..Trinidad is certainly exotic. Life here is different and beautiful. But, blue-blue water? Uh…….no. The seawater here runs all the way from …

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Meeting People – by Karin J

Hi again. I have been notified that it is time for me to blog again. So here I am blogging. I decided to blog about Trinidad – rather than go on from where I left off, which was Salvador, right? Well, since then we stopped at French Guyana. It was a fascinating place and we …

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The Trinidad Zoo – by Sophia

It was Sunday and we said that we were going to the Zoo at three o’clock that afternoon. At first I didn’t want to go because I was scared that the animals weren’t looked after, but when I thought about it and saw the Zoo I changed my mind and decided to be very excited. …

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Pirates of the Carribean – by Karin (the Mom)

Well, maybe Pirates of the Carribean is stretching it a bit. We weren’t in the Carribean yet……. And we still do not know whether they were real pirates……….. I’ll tell our story anyway. Our journey from French Guyana to Trinidad was a real pleasure. The current and the wind worked together amazingly and we managed to cover the distance …

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From Salvador to Devil’s Island – by Sophia

Here goes my blog. The first 5 days were horrible because practically my whole family was sick. But the days after that was very beautiful. The water was very blue and clear and when we swam in the sea there was a school of fish it was very amazing. There were dolphins that jumped fully …

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Salvador to Devil’s Island – By the Mom

  The 1840 miles to Devil’s Island was the most difficult sailing we have done so far. We left Salvador on the 21st of July 2015. (This gives you a good idea of how behind our blog is). The wind was light and we motored out from the coast to catch some more wind. The sea was …

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Itaparica Island – by Karin (the Mom)

We left Salvador to go to Ilha Itaparica – one of the renowned islands in Salvador Bay. It usually takes 2 hours to motor to the island, but the wind was from the right direction and, of course, we sailed 🙂  It took us about 4 hours to reach the anchorage of Itaparica Town. This counts as …

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Salvador – Further In and Up and Away – by Karin (the Mom)

NEXT THING TO DO ON OUR LIST: : Go UP the Lacerda Elevator to the Historical Centre of Salvador. The Elevator takes 22 seconds to rise 72 meters. It can take 126 people at a time in 4 separate lifts. The queues are VERY long during peak hours, but they were not too long at 10h00 in the morning. Many …

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