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Kon-Tiki – by Karin Jnr.

Ok, so this blog has some lessons in history included. Just a warning to all you people out there who’ve already had too much of school, despite the fact that it’s only just started. It’s a pretty cool history story, and I’ll try to keep you interested. If I’ll succeed is another thing, but I …

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Polynesian Dancing….sort of. – by Karin Jnr.

Frankly, when we arrived in Nuku-Hiva I was quite relieved. We had read a book that took place on the island. It was written quite a few years ago, when there were still cannibals prowling about. The place that they write about in the book actually exists. The writer had spent some of his years …

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Nuku Hiva – by Marike

Nuku Hiva didn’t have very clear water, but it wat GREAT to see land again! Nuku Hiva is an imposing island, with shear walls curling around the sheltered valleys. Once we were anchored inside the little bay, we were almost surrounded by land, as the opening to the bay isn’t that big. What do I …

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Long Island – by Marike

Long Island – Bahamas Long island is exactly that – a long island. After Christmas at San Salvador we moved on to Long Island, because we had heard of a ‘blue hole’ on the island which my dad really wanted to dive in. “Dean’s blue hole” had until recently held the status of ‘deepest blue …

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The second great dingy adventure – by Karin Jr.

I was instructed to write about something heroic. I can make up a couple of wonderful stories, but the truth would be better. And to be completely truthful, I wasn’t really instructed to write about something heroic, but I’m going to anyhow. Norfolk, Chesapeake bay. While we were still in New York, the great Dingy …

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New York – by Marike

Yellow. Grey. Glass windows. Leaves. Wind. Stone. Scarves. Lights. These are the things that come to mind when I think of New York. I also think of cold splashing water, pumping up our dilapidated dinghy (JJ), and the grey Hudson river. Shang Du was anchored more than a mile upriver of the 79th street yacht …

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The Two Rivers Park – by Franci

We always love visiting Zoos and Parks. We enjoy seeing animals that we have never seen before. : ). The Two Rivers Park has a big, open area of green fields and a pond, but all the actual enclosures are located in the adjacent forest. Its almost as if you were walking on a path …

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Trip to Canada

I had big plans for sailing up to Canada. All that time! I could finally catch up some neglected school! Yeah, that didn’t really happen. What did happen was that we had a week of good sailing, then about three days headwinds. They weren’t all that comfortable. We weren’t seasick, but it’s amazing how your body just …

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Florida – by Karin Joan

Many of you may already know that Florida is where Disney world is. Well, technically Orlando is where Disney world is. Anyway, we are anchored in Florida, at a place called Cocoa beach. We rented a car, and yeah we went to Disney world. There are four parks in Disney world: Epcot; Animal Kingdom; Magic …

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Puerto Rico – by The Mom

Puerto Rico has more to it than both Karin J or Franci mentioned. Here are just a few of the other things that we all did while there. Enjoy!           With the sound of the Conch Shell in our ears, we wave good bye to Puerto Rico.