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The Highlands Park and Cabot Trail – by Karin (the Mom)

The Highlands Park of Cape Breton is a wildlife area that takes up most of the Northern Tip of the Island. There is really just one drivable road that runs along the outside of the Park. It is very scenic and is a natural extension of the well known Cabot trail. The views of the Atlantic Ocean are astounding. It is possible …

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Canada – First Impressions – by the Mom

The temperature of the air started dropping about halfway through our trip from Florida to Nova Scotia. How did we know? We got through a whole day without perspiring. Next thing, we needed jackets (or something) when sitting in the cockpit. Things were looking on the up and up. Soon after this, the nights cooled right down and we …

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Puerto Rico – by The Mom

Puerto Rico has more to it than both Karin J or Franci mentioned. Here are just a few of the other things that we all did while there. Enjoy!           With the sound of the Conch Shell in our ears, we wave good bye to Puerto Rico.      

Puerto Rico – by Franci

Well, I’m first going to be a little more diplomatic than Karin and apologise to all you faithful readers for not updating the blog. Karin forgot to mention a few things. First of all, Marike sailed the four day stretch from Guadeloupe to Puerto Rico with the Yoshimas on Amar sem fim, to help with …

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Puerto Rico – by Karin Joan

Well, would you look at that, it’s time to blog again! After Dominica (I don’t believe I blogged about there), we went to Guadeloupe, a lovely French island with yummy French food. Diving was free, and it’s a nature reserve for underwater life, so there were plenty of fish for us to see while we …

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Gaudeloupe is not all about diving – by the Mom

As we approached Gaudeloupe for the first time, I immediately just liked it. It seemed so picturesque and not crowded at all. Of the two French Islands we definitely prefer Gaudeloupe to Martinique – and not just for the diving. We spent a lot of time hiking and geo-caching on Gaudeloupe. This is after all, …

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Barracudas are scary – by Sophia

At the end of a dive I was in a hurry to get back to the boat as I was feeling cold. I swam in front heading for the dingy. As I neared the dingy I saw a silver fish disappear in the distance and wondered if it was a Barracuda. All of a sudden I was surrounded …

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Conch Shell Snails – by Marike

Before we knew to look out for these snails, I didn’t see them. There were just so many fish to look at! However, once we knew to look out for them I started noticing them,. Each time I would flip one over to see if it would flip right way up again. (Or rather, HOW it would complete this …

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Gaudeloupe – by Karin (The Mom)

Ask any one of us and we will say that Gaudeloupe is our very BEST and FAVOURITE Caribbean island. We arrived in Gaudeloupe from Dominica. A huge downpour of rain hit us within the first hour as we anchored just off the Capital, Basse-Terre. Clearing into the French Islands is a very easy process and involves only …

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Photo Commentary on Grenada – by the Mom

GRENADA ! ! Our first REAL Caribbean Island. ( According to some people Trinidad doesn’t quite qualify.) Grenada is a popular ‘stay over’ destination for cruisers during the Hurricane season as Hurricanes so seldom hit this far South. It is THE  place to  go if you are interested in meeting fellow cruisers. We found the amount of boats quite overwhelming, …

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