From Salvador to Devil’s Island – by Sophia

Here goes my blog. The first 5 days were horrible because practically my whole family was sick. But the days after that was very beautiful. The water was very blue and clear and when we swam in the sea there was a school of fish it was very amazing. There were dolphins that jumped fully out of the water and did somersaults in the air. It was so beautiful to see what God made and one thing I’ve really seen God’s glory, grace and power through the last few weeks. Every night when the sun goes down there is a very beautiful sunset and after when the moon isn’t up the stars are so beautiful and you can see the milky way very clear.

When we passed the equator Marike made homemade brigadeiros so now that we are on the other side of the equator it is summer. But I think it was already summer.

I caught a fish close to the Amazon it was green and very gooey but tasted nice and we caught a whole lot of other fish. When the gps at last said that we would arrive tomorrow I couldn’t believe it because it felt like we would never arrive.

Devil’s Island was very hot. They wanted a very lot of money for a very tiny amount of ice cream. So we drank juice instead. The juice with the ice really, really cooled me off.

There were no sharks. It was really nice to go on the island and swim in the water. We saw a little black snake next to the walking path. There are really weird creatures on the island. They have the face of a ‘Dassie’, but the backlegs of a ‘Duikertjie’ and can run very fast and sit on their hind legs. They do not have any hoofs. They have to eat the whole time.


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