This and That – by Sophia

Last time I did a blog, we were at St. Helena.

I’m starting again in Rio.

When we came here, I expected something else. The Christ the Redeemer statue looks smaller than I thought it would. (They say it is 13 storeys up). It also looks much closer to the water in the pictures.

Rio stinks a lot. It feels as if there is never any fresh air when you walk in the streets, but the people here take very good care of their dogs.

The sight from Sugarloaf Mountain is very nice.

We went to a zoo, saw a castle that is very beautiful and visited an island with no cars. There we had a horse-buggy ride. Every time it started up, I would fall forwards because it just always started suddenly with a jerk.

The cake you buy in the streets here are much nicer than what you can buy in South Africa.

I love the coconut flavoured popsicles. I will miss them very much when we can’t get them anymore.

Staying on the boat is just like living in a house, but I really miss the dishwasher and the Laundry Machine. Now we each have to wash our own clothes.

We have made friends with other people on yachts and they had children our age. On the one boat was Missy and Seamus and on the other boat was Juca and Maria. But they have all left now.

There are only 4 boys younger than me in my Sunday School class at the church we go to here in Rio. Every Sunday we have to tell the whole church what we learnt. I don’t like this part, but William likes talking and he usually does it. He is very good at it. This last Sunday he wasn’t there and we missed him.

I like to ride on the bus and always try to sit in the front seat if I can, behind the driver.

Apart from school, I am reading a lot. My Dad bought the whole “Wingfeather” series I am in the middle of the second book.

I will blog again when I have more to say.




    • Trish Roberts on April 28, 2015 at 12:43 am
    • Reply

    Thanks for your blog. Would love to see the photos of the views and statue – will keep an eye out for when yo put some on! xx

    • Ouma Elsie on June 3, 2015 at 10:40 pm
    • Reply

    Soe, dit klink asof Rio maar sleg ruik as ek moet oordeel volgens al julle vertellings! Jy skryf n goeie blog, Sophia. Gaan so voort. Liefde, Ouma

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