My take on Rio – by Karin Joan (Jnr.)

Hi everybody, I haven’t blogged in a while so I have a lot to catch up with:

We were all having the most boring time at sea when we spotted the land!!!! We got all exited but little did we know that we would not get there for at least another two days that felt like forever!!! At first the land was just this kind of hill in the distance, but as we got closer we could see more and more. We sailed (or tried to) next to the coast for the next two days. It was torturing to see the land so close but yet so far. We at last got to the harbour and anchored. On the way in we saw these little sailing boats that look too cute against our boat. We named them the butterfly boats (since they look so much like little butterflies). It was still light so dad suggested we go to the cheap yacht club to see what we could do. So we all piled into little Shampoo except for Mom who stayed on the boat and went to have a look. There was some kind of party going on there and no one could speak English! I saw someone with a moustache like in the movies, the ones with the curly points. We could not do anything there so we went to the other one. It was a lot fancier and actually had someone who spoke a little English. I can’t remember her name but it was a pretty one. She helped us, although I am not sure with what, but we went back to the boat unharmed. Mom had made spaghetti with Italian tomato out of a can for dinner. It was very delicious. The next morning we went to ‘Rio Sul’ their shopping mall, but unlike our shopping malls it did not have a supermarket inside, just clothes and restaurants! It was so weird and this place has at least five levels! I’ve never seen so much clothes in one place!

I can’t remember details but I will put in as much as possible. It was a Saturday when we arrived and Monday in Rio the club shuts off. We didn’t notice this the first Monday cos we were out getting our passports stamped. The rest of everything just flowed past. We met this guy called something that I am not sure how to spell. He was kind (and of course spoke English). He told us we could use the library and that the internet at the club is free. We found a church, where we met nice and friendly people: Aunty Nancy and Uncle Mike de Vries. They let us use their washing machine and let us charge our phones and stuff when we are there. They even have a dog! a Flat-coated Retriever, liver coloured. He is not at all the colour of liver but more a chocolaty brown. He is also full of energy and only gets tired of playing for two minutes at a time and drools a lot, but is a very nice dog!

For Easter around here they don’t have marshmallow eggs. They have these big chocolate eggs that they mostly hang from the ceiling. There are all kinds of themed ones: Llalaloopsey, Spiderman, Minion, you name it. For Easter we went for dinner at the De Vriese and had so much fun. They gave us all (by which I mean the children) an egg for ourselves. These, of course, were of the themed ones for kids so they each got a toy. I got a little dog teddy with a little pink bow in her hair (or where her hair would have been if she had some but you know what I mean). Franci got a little Tinkerbell doll and Sophia got a little Cinderella doll with both of her dresses (she’ll probably tell you a little more about hers but maybe not). Marike got a little sitting Lalaloopsy.

Oh, at the church there are these bookshelves with ‘English’ books in. We are allowed to borrow these books and each of us are allowed to keep at least one, I got the most awesome book! ‘ The Hamlyn Guide to Dogs,’ Its fascinating.

We met some yachties while we were here. There are two families. Each has two children. Unfortunately for us the older were boys but at least the younger were girls. (I’m sure there will be pictures of them and you probably know their names already too so I won’t bother to tell you.

We ride bus when we go farther than an hour’s walk and it’s like a roller coaster. They go so fast, and stop so fast! I always walk a little faster when we walk past them on the road. I personally like the bus more than the taxi, cos I am accustomed to high seats, and it just feels better to know you always pay the same amount, and is not just paying for time like you do with the taxis.

I love the dogs. People here take good care of their dogs and take them for daily walks. Since the streets are safe enough to walk on. I pity the small dogs, the streets are super dirty and they have very short legs, Which makes them closer to the ground, and since dogs have a better sense of smell it makes it even worse for them than for the big dogs.

Well that’s all I have to say for now. Oh almost forgot we had a rat on our boat on Sunday but dad killed it immediately with a hammer. (Whew) was I glad. I wouldn’t have been able to sleep. I’m having trouble as it is at the docks.

Well that’s that for now so…. Bye!



    • Trish Roberts on April 28, 2015 at 12:39 am
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    Wow you have had quite an adventure! Love your blogs, keep writing for us okay? xxx

    • Ouma Elsie on May 7, 2015 at 8:37 pm
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    Dit klink asof jy alles baie geniet. Liefde, Ouma

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