The Many ways in which to “swim” while Sailing

The most often used way to “swim” on board Shang Du is as follows:
Dress in swimsuit – oh, I forgot, we live in our swimsuits. Okay then, go to the back of the boat and use the seawater pump and nozzle to completely drench yourself with saltwater. Very refreshing! If you are younger than 13, the whole aim is just to swim. Do not worry about soap or shampoo. Just play to your hearts content, leaving salt crystals on everything.
If, however, you are more interested in actually becoming clean, you need to do the A.O.D.T.M.N.S.M.N. ** check and can then proceed with quite an elaborate process. The aim of which is to use your unlimited seawater, soap, shampoo , conditioner and 500ml of fresh water to become as clean as possible with no traces of salt left. This process, too, leaves salt crystals everywhere.
We have two distinct groups in our family. They are the Conservatives and the Radicals. It is also necessary to know that the people who make up these groups are not always the same.
We really, REALLY, are – in the MIDDLE OF THE ATLANTIC OCEAN!!! And then some weird Radical people went swimming IN THE SEA! Aaaargggghh!
True……We had absolutely no wind and the engine was on standby and we tailed a buoy behind the boat with a rope(not that the boat was going anywhere). BUT STILL…. the Conservatives were freaking out while the R’s went for a total mindboggling, awesome swim in the biggest swimming pool this side of the Pacific Ocean.
After watching them survive, the C’s will be joining in next time .
That is, by the way, not the only way to swim at sea. This morning, while on deck with a sail change, we had a sweeping downpour of rain. We scrambled to do different things (like closing hatches), but this Radical ran as fast as she could to stand on the windward side of the yacht, to miss not a drop. Wonderful, glorious, fresh water straight from God’s outstretched hand. An absolutely beautiful blessing. The sea was drenched and subdued all around me. I want to hold onto that moment in my mind forever.
Just as suddenly, it passed over. The R’s and C’s both agreed that it was a good thing that none of us “soaped up” hoping for a rain shower. It was much too short for that. The yacht and I, though, got a really good drench and the deck was cleaned off of salt crystals.
**A.O.D.T.M.N.S.M.N. – Anyone on deck that may not see me naked

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    • Dianne on February 9, 2015 at 6:49 am
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    It was great to read up on all your adventures. So happy for all of you. I look forward to reading more about your adventures at sea. I think A.O.D.T.M.N.S.M.N is the best acronym I’ve yet to read. God bless!

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