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Yip. So far we are the only “yachties” around with children. We know that there are others out there, but have not met up with them yet .
But we did run into some of the most amazing people.
There is this one couple, Bill and Cathy Norrie of yacht Terwyn ( If ever you need anything, they are the people to know. We couldn’t have spent more than about 6 hours in their lovely company – (excluding a tour of the island) and yet in that short time they managed to do all of the following: Cathy showed us some lovely walks we could do, told us where to buy great fishing lures, gave a quick overview of eating places in town, introduced me to the art of cooking fish (wahoo), made the most gorgeous hamburger patties and gave Frans and Marike an intro course into Ham Radios. All this while Bill fixed our Windvane, gave valuable sailing tips, told great fishing stories, encouraged us in so many ways and last but not least, GAVE us a really cool fishing rod. He also took a photo of us in the Dinghy (Shampoo) because he just could not resist. Thank you Norries. May our paths cross again!
The other couple, Olivier and Pascaline, were as kind and generous. They are French, but fortunately for us, their English is excellent. They invited us for drinks on board their yacht Neos. They have been sailing for 12 years. Wow! They are really encouraging and make the sailing life look so easy. It is quite something to invite the 6 of us for drinks. Pascaline was so gracious in watching my girls wolf down her snacks. (I do feed them at home, I promise). When you see such a well planned yacht like Neos, you just know that a lot of experience and expertise had gone into her building. Afterwards Frans confided to me, that if there was one thing he really coveted, it was their dinghy garage. The Neos has a special “opening” at the back of the yacht into which you can just pull the dinghy when ready to leave. We, however, have to haul ours onto the deck and then tie it up with ropes. Not a 5 minute job and needs at the least 3 funsailers to accomplish!


    • Julia van der Meijden on January 27, 2015 at 5:52 pm
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    What an exciting adventure. We enjoy it from the luxury of our home or garden – depending on where we are when we read your blog/ whatsapp messages.

    We have really enjoyed Frans’s daily – well almost daily – e-mails posted on the whatsapp group. So we think about you all a lot and pray for good wind or a failing engine and so feel like in a very small way we are part of this grand adventure

    I was wondering if Frans’s lady colleague’s baby would behave it’s self and come as planned or would complicate life and come too early. And so the Lord decided the latter….so mister Skipper do not fret. All these things the Lord knew even before you decided to go on this trip. He has it all planned and I hope that you as a family truly enjoy all the surprises and amazing things the Lord has waiting for you. Like a little child following the magic beans into the forest, experiencing the awesomeness of the forest and it’s Creator and discovering hidden treasures! In your case the wide open oceans with lands untold……

    May your light shine ever brighter!
    Lots of love.
    Julia and family

    • Louise on January 28, 2015 at 1:48 pm
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    Ons volg julle via die WhatsApp groep… Kan nie sien hoe om die blog te volg nie, maar loer darem so elke nou en dan op die website! Dit klink alles opwindend, en dan weer uitdagend as die wind nie waai nie en die engin nie wil werk nie! Baie sterkte. Ons dink aan julle. God is never late! Ons samelewing dink net dat alles gister gereed moes wees!

    Vrede vir julle!
    Die Kohn’s

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