The “Great Trek”

Unlike with the real “Great Trek”, we headed TOWARDS the Cape.
We have done this journey so often during the past three years, but never in exactly this kind of style. Sophia reckons that the sum-total of all the packing and planning that Frans has ever done, was only to prepare him for this one trip.
The children only saw each other when they emerged at pit-stops. Very peaceful trip actually. Might be a good idea to keep in mind. One of the things waiting in the Combi until we’ve made some space for it, is a larger-than-Sophia-size Teddy Dog. Two weeks before the trip, the children managed to win this at a party!! Needless to say, the two older girls will not also tolerate this in their cabins.

DSC_0668The Combi before we added any people.DSC_0666is not all that Frans managed to fit into the back.

Marike and Frans performed an artistic maneouvre to squeeze the last few things in. Marike held the things in place until the last minute, and then Frans slammed the door shut while Marike made her hands disappear.DSC_0621Pierre came to help as we loaded the top of the trailer. His experience with large truck loads, came in handy.

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    • Riek van der Meijden on December 12, 2014 at 5:40 pm
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    Wow!,! Dis regtig ‘n trek ne!, goed dat ons nie meer in die jaartalle van 1700 lewe!

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