When will we leave?
The latest update shows that we will probably, most likely, if possible, in any event, hopefully, leave sometime during this coming weekend.
Work on the boat seems to be getting done – what with Charles and the Three Musketeers (Kyle, Charles and Wesley) all working full time (full time for Cape Town that is).
Stocking and packing the boat also seems to be happening. I spend the whole of yesterday just packing and marking all our medical supplies. All the while praying that we won’t be needing even one of these things. We have some really serious stuff aboard. Drips and injections, suture needles and thread, spine-boards and adrenaline. The adjustable hospital bed had to stay though, due to some slight space restrictions.
We actually still have a few items waiting in the Combi and trailer which we have no place to put yet. Karin and Sophia’s joint cabin in the forepeak** is still jam-packed with sails and stuff. They are sharing with Marike and Franci until the sail-locker is done, the sails can be moved and the forepeak can be sorted. Guess who cannot wait to help their siblings find their own space?
Franci and I will endeavor to photograph the boat today to keep you updated on the look.

**See Definitions on Home Page

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