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The Hair After!

Karin, was of course, first in the row! Franci was brave enough to go second. Marike kept a little tail as keepsake (Marike says NOT – it is because it is cool). She is also the one already growing her hair. And last of all, Sophia. They all agree that swimming is much easier. Franci specifically …

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Hair raising story

On our yacht we have 5 females. Females are different to males. They have hair issues. Here are the  important factors to consider when sailing with hair: Fresh water is very limited. The air is very humid. Curly hair easily become dreadlocks. When sailing, there is a lot of wind. No wind, no sailing. Swimming …

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The Girls

By God’s amazing Grace, we have four lovely daughters. Each one with their own unique character and special contribution to the Van Zyl family. To demonstrate their differences, I have only to describe their responses to the whole sailing thing. When Frans and I  flew down to Cape Town to go and look at a …

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