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Gaudeloupe – by Karin (The Mom)

Ask any one of us and we will say that Gaudeloupe is our very BEST and FAVOURITE Caribbean island. We arrived in Gaudeloupe from Dominica. A huge downpour of rain hit us within the first hour as we anchored just off the Capital, Basse-Terre. Clearing into the French Islands is a very easy process and involves only …

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At the moment that I’m writing this, we have already spent two weeks in Dominica, and are just about ready to head over to Guadeloupe, so Martinique seems very far away. However, since we managed to spend 6 weeks there, I need to start writing something about our stay there! Our time in Martinique can …

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Ilha Grande 2 – Diving – by Karin (the Mom)

Frans loves diving. I think that this was the real reason we returned to Ilha Grande. He just could not bear the thought that we never even attempted to scuba dive in such a lovely environment. Now we can truthfully say we did attempt it. Our first dive was on Father’s Day. We had a …

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