The Bahamas Experience – by Karin Jr. & Sophia


   Our Bahamas experience was awesome



   Awesome? I would say it was more than awesome. It was Awesomearistic! We did some seriously awesome dives there. We got rich with Sand dollars and we saw an Eagle ray. Marike and Dad swam briefly with dolphins next to our boat and you wouldn’t believe how blue the water was!

Sand dollar riches


Yeah! the water looked exactly like all those magazine advertisements for some tropical island resort. I always thought they were fake, I mean water that blue? Get serious. But it exists! True as daylight.

Swimming in the sky

We explored the island, and saw the humming birds. That’s basically everything majorly awesome, so this blog is just about over.


   No it isn’t! We forgot to mention that the Bahamians knew we were tourists because we swam, in the middle of winter! But to us it felt like perfect weather to swim, because it was HOT!


     We went to church on the island and met an awesome guy Jay. He gave us awesome T-shirts, and showed us the humming birds and the leaves you could eat and all.

Our awesome guide Jay, who showed us the Bahama Woodstar hummingbird!

Just eating nature – that’s why Sophia’s face is all weird. (Tamarind leaves)

   Oh yeah. J gave us a tour of the island and introduced us to that wonderful soda we won’t get anywhere else on our journey. That’s what he said anyway, and so far it’s been true. It’s my favourite soft drink.


   Really? I’ve got loads of favourite drinks. Guarana from Brazil, The drink you just mentioned, Orange juice and Milkshake. And more….


   I was talking specifically about soft drinks, but I guess Guarana is also my favourite soft drink…


   Anyway, how did we get to drinks while talking about the Bahamas?

   We saw the Iguanas that are indigenous to San Salvador in the Bahamas.


Emmit the Iguana. (That’s not his official name, but that’s what I decided to call him.) He eats nature too! (Yellow flowers.)

We are proud to be affiliated with Emmit.

We didn’t see the sea star though. Unless it counts that I saw it on their one cent coin. I think it’s the one cent. It might be the five cent, wait. I’ll go check.


   While Karin is momentarily gone, I will mention that the sea star is especially indigenous to San Salvador, and not just the Bahamas in general. And maybe also the Iguana, I’m not sure. Definitely the humming bird.


   I’m Back, and I confirm that it was indeed their One cent coin. At least I think it’s that sea star. if not, then I cannot claim to have seen this indigenous creature.

   We didn’t see the swimming pigs, because we didn’t go to that island. And we never saw the-


   Octopus with sixteen legs, sharp teeth and glowing eyes that is indigenous to the sun.


   I’m pretty sure an octopus like that doesn’t exist Sophia. And if it did it would be called a… sixteenopus, Secteenopus? No, no! a SectotenOpus!


   You’ve got no proof that I’m wrong, and I won’t believe you that it doesn’t exist until you can show me proof.


   Sophia. It just wouldn’t work to have a bunch of SectotenOpuses on the sun. What would they eat?


   YOU! The energy of the sun, anything. Tun Tun TUUN


   I think Sophia is getting bored of this because that sentence didn’t make much sense.


   No, I’m just warming up. But back to reality – it’s a pity they can google stuff to make sure our word is sound. Otherwise we could have told them anything we want!


   We didn’t just stop at San Salvador, we went to Great Inagua and Long island as well. Dean’s blue hole is in Long Island, it wasn’t much more than a hole. With water in it.


Admittedly, it’s more than just a hole. It’s actually awesome.

Just chilling at the ‘ole hole.

Wait, before I leave the shores of San Salvador, let me mention the reef sharks that we saw on every dive we did. It was cliff dives, and the visibility was so good you could be diving at twenty meters, look up and see the clouds, and look down at least as far as forty meters. Pure awesomeness.



In the name of the hundred acre wood, I capture you!

That weird shape is the dingy. Look at how amazing the visibility is! (We’re like 20 metres down!)

Sophia relaxing under water. (‘Cause it’s the best place to chill in the Bahamas.)


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