The forever crossing – by Karin Jnr.

Hi everyone, This crossing is taking forever but I can’t wait for it to be done though, we swam in the ocean which is sooo cool but it is very freaky at the same time if you stop to think that you can’t see any land and that your only hope to survive is the boat! But other than that it is very cool. Guess What!!!! It’s finely happened. I have finally grown a cm now. I am just as tall as Franci, although I do think that I am two mm taller. Now that we got our phones, entertaining myself has goten a whole lot easier. For now we can record movies and listen to them over and over again and since we only record the good ones, that means we know the pictures for the words pretty well -so it makes it very easy and fun at the moment. My collection is: Nemo, Shrek, Epic, Ratatouille, How to train your dragon, Monsters Inc., The little Mermaid, Brave, An American Tail, Aladdin, El Dorado, The sword in the stone, and Despicable me 2. There is still a lot to record but that is what I have so long. It is very entertaining the only problem is that I have started to quote the movies hopelessly too much.
School has started and for anybody that doesn’t know this already, I DON’T LIKE SCHOOL!!!!!!!!! And that is very true. I think I should add a few more exclamation marks. It does give you something to do all day, since my main priority is finding some way to do my school later, but I always do it eventually. It just makes the day more interesting cos you find lots of other things to do instead . For example: I have found a lovely place to lie and watch the sky while day dreaming. and one of my dad’s pants got a slit on the knee and it was bothering him so he cut it off and as a rubbish collector I got it and made myself a very basic glove. The type without the fingers and just a slit on the side to let my thumb out. I must say I like it a lot. The only problem is my sewing is not so good, so it is starting to fall apart. I better get a needle and some thread and fix it again or my mom will soon take it away from me. I take it off when I wash my hands and eat so it doesn’t drive my mom and sisters crazy. Once when we were all on deck and eating raisins and looking at the sunset I took it off cos raisins make my hands sticky and that means it’ll make my glove thingy sticky sooo I took it off and then I forgot to put it back on again. Franci and Sophia spotted it and hid it. Next morning I asked about it, thinking that maybe they would have seen it somewhere, as I forgot where I put it, or whether I did put it on again after the raisins. I was looking the other way so I did not see the glances my sisters made when they heard what I was after. Of course I wasn’t in a suspicious mood at first but when my mother told me about the glances I thought maybe Marike and Franci hid it. On questioning them I got truthful answers that made me think they weren’t guilty. Silly me. I did not suspect Franci and Sophia who hid it in the sputnik. They did give it back and told me the place of its concealment. Well, it was in the form of a riddle but I figured it out,
I totally agree with Franci on the visit to Neos. The only difference is that you should not look around to see if any grown-ups are looking displeased – you have to look around to see if any grown- ups are watching! They were such nice snacks too.

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