St Helena Island

The first time we climbed up Jacob’s Ladder I was the first to reach the top, and my sisters were behind me. I felt like the King of the Castle! Or rather, Queen.
When we went to the tourist office, and my dad asked if there were any Baptist churches, I didn’t like the idea of going to another church, because I was so homesick for Midrand Chapel. So I was scared to go to the new church, because I didn’t know what other churches did. When we arrived at the church I felt much better, because the pastor and his wife greeted us with warm smiles so that I felt at home. After the service they took us to their house, because the pastor was helping my dad to get a dive appointment. While we were there, the pastor’s wife told us some stories – one was about their cat. They found the cat under the floor boards of the church. It was so small its eyes were still closed. They took him in and raised him and she said now he follows them around like a dog. They can’t get him not to come in during the service and rub himself against the flowers.
Pastor Greame was very kind and took us on some trips around the island (I’m sure these are mentioned in the other blogs). Me and Karinkie sat in the back in the boot. We always sat in the same place so we were comfortable and had the big window to look outside to look at the island.
At the tourist office we booked a tour, and the tour guide explained a lot of things about the island. He was a beekeeper, and he gave us some honey – it was very very very sweet! One place in the tour, you had a perfect view of this waterfall called ‘The heart-shaped waterfall’, and it really does look like a heart shape! (We walked to the waterfall on our second day on St. Helena) Some people have lived their whole life in St. Helena, and haven’t been to it yet. Our guide has lived on St. Helena for his whole life, and has only been halfway up Jacob’s Ladder. We did a lot of walking on St. Helena! Because we couldn’t hire a car. =(
At the boat we could have a swim in the very clear water. We could see right under the boat – unlike Cape Town harbour, ugh! The water was very very clear! From on top of the boat you could see fishes swimming in the water. Once we caught lots of fish from our mooring. We put our line in the water (at night) and we shone our light on the water (very bright light) and there were fish that looked like trumpet fish that were on the top of the water and they jump on the water. They sometimes come next to the line and flick away. I once shone the light into the water, and put my hand into the water and shone a light on it, and tried to catch the fish with my hands, and after a few tries I caught one! Later, Franci came out with me, and she caught one too, and I caught another one. It was fun =) I like fishing, but I don’t like eating the fish that much. =l
Now we are on the water and again, we are on a big circle of blue water surrounding us. I find to walk on the boat while we are sailing, you have to walk uphill and downhill a lot.
And that is that, until next time.


    • Tammy de Vries on January 19, 2015 at 1:21 pm
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    Hello Sophia and all the rest of the Fun Sails!!

    Thank you for your great blog posts! I have really enjoyed reading all of them, so please keep them coming! I am also looking forward to getting to see some of your pictures once you guys get to Rio!

    At the moment I am sitting on my bed with my laptop while Zoe takes a nap. Little Alexa Joy was supposed to arrive today but there is no sign of her coming yet so we are still waiting and trying to be patient… 😉

    It has been very hot here in Centurion/Midrand so we have been trying to keep cool in the pool and in the shade. Nic made Zoe a sandpit last week and it is nice sitting in the shade under the tree (at the right time of day) and playing in the sand together – although we are so full of sand afterwards we have to change our clothes most of the time unless we want the house to be full of sand too!

    I hope you all have lots more wonderful adventures together and pray that the Lord will contiue to protect you on your exciting journey! Looking forward to your future updates.

    With lots of love
    Tammy (and Nic, Zoe & Alexa)

    • Tammy de Vries on January 19, 2015 at 1:31 pm
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    Hey there Fun Sails, I just tried to post a commnet but see no evidence of this having worked… hmmm… so plesae let me know whenever you are in range for downloading again. I’m not gonna say anything long now just hi and thinking of you! With love & prayers, Tammy (and Nic, Zoe & Alexa… who should hopefully!!! finally be here by the time you get to read this!!!)

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