St Helena Island – Karin Jnr.

Hi everyone!!!!
The St. Helena experience was very nice but now we are back on the ocean and are going to start school tomorrow . We will have to face school some time anyway. (humungous sigh). Anyway, back to the subject: St. Helena has extraordinarily high mountains and from the anchorage all you can see is a tiny little bit of town. A huge parking area makes up most of this and the rest just cliffs. The first sighting I thought: “Oh no! How many people live on this island again?” Well, a lot of people and I discovered this the next day. There’s this steep staircase that is not impossibly steep. There are 699 steps in it and it is not the easiest of staircases. We did it two times in the whole visit. It was quite cool but exhausting. I did it taking 36 steps at a time then resting for 5 minutes, then tackling another 36 steps that might have turned into 34 by accident. The town was awesome but small. We went on a tour and saw a little more of the island. We could even catch fish in the anchorage place and since we didn’t have much luck on the trip to St. Helena it was awesome cos u literally (at night) just shone the light onto the water and with the half of the fishing rod that we own and an old reel we caught loads of fish, they weren’t big but they weren’t small either. The place is perfect for picking up new coins. I picked up three Pounds and three Penny’s which is about sixty Rand and I don’t know how much Rand a Penny is worth but I got it. Not any more cos I spent all of it but I still have the three Penny’s
Ps. No matter what they tell you, there is more than 3 800 people on the Island.


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    • Trish Roberts on January 21, 2015 at 8:36 am
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    Hello funsails!! So lekker om alles te lees! Het gewonder wanneer “land julle dat ons kan weet hoe dit gaan!
    Dankie vir almas se blogs – baie lekker gelees – baie interessant!
    Ons was baie bezig hier terwyl julle gevaar het – zwembad laat inzit (nog nie klaar) Stoep met dak gebou vir lekker kuiertjes! Gepraat van kuier, Moe kom die naweek en brand om te gaan swem! Het handreeling laat insit maar ongelukkig is die pebble crete en dus die water nog nie in nie – hopelijk min dae!!!
    Dink aan julle baie en wens julle alle sterkte met julle reis! Sterkte!! xoxoxoxox
    Trish en kie!

    1. Haai Trish, Dankie vir al die kommentaar! Kon nognie genoeg Sarongs kry in Suid-Afrika nie, maar be-oog om baie hier in Rio te koop. Hulle is inderdaad baie handig. Ek hoop nie hierdie kommentaar kom te laat vir Moe nie, maar se vir haar ek weet uiteindelik wat is “Trooopish Warrrm”. Nos kan uiteindelik weer self blog em ek sal inderdaad die meisiekinders weer almal aansit!! Baie liefde, Ons

    • Marina Myburgh on January 24, 2015 at 10:55 am
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    I loved reading the blogs. You mentioned starting school this week, but every experience on this journey is part of the “School of life”. It is soooo much more fun getting first hand experience rather than just reading about it!! What a great way to learn about far away places and practice English writing!
    Enjoy every moment!

    1. Hi Marina! Yes indeed. The girls would love to write of formal schooling in the light of their real life adventure. Unfortunately there is still a bit more than Geography and Grammar to learn. We do try to balance everything and I’m pretty sure that the schooling will always be the thing that gets moved out the easiest 🙂

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