Christmas 2014

This was not our first Christmas on the boat, but it was the first one on the boat while sailing.
The movement of the boat has settled nicely into a light rocking motion. This is also due to the light wind (slow progress) and light swells around us. We are not, therefore, clinging to the boat as much and holding onto every movable object all the time.
Often, we would imagine ourselves to be moored in Cape Town and if we wanted, we could just go for a stroll on the jetty. If we do not actually go up to the cockpit, we cannot see the vastness of our surroundings, and it makes one feel just a little bit safer.
Christmas Eve felt exactly like this. We were all comfortably seated in the saloon, enjoying the treat of chicken and roast potatoes and peas!! (The frozen peas only come out on really special days – very limited). Only the absence of all our loved ones marred the perfect picture. Know that we were thinking of you and praying for you. Wondering where you are and what you are doing. We miss you all!!
Christmas morning was our real celebration. Reflecting on what Christ did for us. We had our first Communion as a family. Very special and rewarding. Christ our Saviour indeed! (Tossie, we realised that one cream cracker is a bit big if we divide it only between the 6 of us.)
Christmas gifts were very interesting. The girls decided that they would each buy 4 chocolate bars – their own favourite. Then they would wrap these as gifts to themselves and the three others. That way, they would each receive 4 chocolate bars for Christmas!!! It worked really well.
Thank you to each and every one of you that gave us a Christmas Card or gift/gifts. Cards are up on the saloon wall and the gifts loved by all.
We warned them repeatedly that they should expect very little in terms of Christmas and Birthdays on the boat. Our emphasis will be on the experience and our money would rather go to surviving. Thus it was that they were totally astounded by their generous gifts from us. Frans bought each of the older 3 girls a cellphone that can Whatsup and Sophia a small tablet. This will be our contribution to their Social Life for the 3 years. Unfortunately internet is now non-existent and they cannot use these to their full potential. This did not keep Karin from recording a different singing ringtone for each person that she has a number for. She also recorded the whole soundtrack of “Finding Nemo” so that she could listen to this as an audiotape.
My special treat on Christmas day was a complete “shower” on the back of the boat. We have installed a handheld spray that sucks up seawater to “swim” in. When you bathe, you wash yourself completely with shampoo and seawater. After putting conditioner on your hair, you rinse your hair and body with half a litre of fresh water. Lovely and refreshing! Part of the juggling is making sure that everyone taking a shower is watched – so that they don’t disappear over the side – but not by someone who cannot see them in the shower : )

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    Merry Christmas Van Zyl family!

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