One Month and 17 days……

WOW! Things are really becoming very hectic, very soon.

We have just come back from Cape Town where we spend the last – yes, THE LAST, time on our boat before we go down for the final sail.

We are determined to set sail during the first week in December. However, Charles – our do-everything man on the boat – says otherwise. He is extremely knowledgeable and able in what he does, but we sincerely hope that in this thing he will be wrong. He reckons he has seen many sailors take up to 6 months for that final stage. What Frans says Charles doesn’t take into account is that the last 3 years has been our final stage!!

Marike and Franci have to finish writing their Cambridge Exams and the big packing up of the house still lies ahead!

There really are a million and one things still to attend to and always the nagging feeling that somehow we are forgetting something really huge. We keep counting the children, so I presume it will at least not be one of them.

The one thing still outstanding for the boat is the name. No, we are not changing the original name. It is just that there IS no name on the boat. They have re-painted the boat, but not the name. Special people with special skills have to come and do this, but we have put in our order 🙂




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    • Alex Steyn on October 22, 2014 at 7:26 pm
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    Looking forward to following your amazing Adventure!

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